Miss Cola!

Miss Cola is a Carbonated, low sugar, fewer calories great tasting Cola flavoured soft drink.

Miss Cola is the brand for people who are original and don't conform. Miss Cola is not just about having a cool attitude. It is about being one step ahead.

Miss Cola delivers the unique refreshment experience that people are looking for today. Every bottle of Miss Cola contains 500ml of refreshment that’s refreshing, unique and modern.


About Miss Cola

Miss Cola is the ultimate low sugar, fewer calories soft drink. A Carbonated, blend of flavours packed in a modern slim line bottle.


Miss Cola refreshes and quenches your thirst.

Miss Cola is the soft drink brand that acts without limits. It has a dynamic and original way of understanding what enjoyment really means. It offers you a different alternative every time; sharing your dreams and making them come true.

Miss Cola is the brand for people who are original and don’t conform to rules.

Miss Cola is not just about having a cool attitude. It is about being one step ahead.


What is Miss Cola?

Miss Cola is a lightly carbonated, low sugar; fewer calories Cola flavoured soft drink. It was developed in response to consumer demand for a soft drink that is lower in sugar/kilojoules but derived from a ‘natural’ sweetener. The reduction in sugar in Miss Cola is made possible thanks to the addition of sweetness from natural sources.

  • A modest saving in sugar and kilojoules compared to original Cola whilst still retaining the great Cola taste. The sugar content drops from 10.6 to 6.6 per cent, which is the same level as most sports drinks such as Gatorade.
  • Good for people who wish to reduce their sugar intake but do not like the taste of sugar free or Diet Cola.
  • Does not contain ‘artificial’ sweeteners acesulfame potassium 950 or aspartame 951.
  • Apparently Coca Cola’s planned use of stevia will be so great that it will catapult stevia production globally as Coke Life continues its expansion.


Carbonated water, sugar, colour (150d), flavour, food acid (338), caffeine, sweetener (960).

Nutrition Information

Component Per serve - 250mL Per 100 mL
Energy kJ Cal 302.5
Proteing 0 0
Fat Total, g 0 0
Saturated, g 0 0
Carbohydrate, g 17.5 7.0g
Sugars, g 17.5 7.0g
Dietary Fibre, g 0 0
Sodium, mg 2.5 1.0


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